Grain Valley High School students will see an increase of security during the last day of school after rumors swirled about possible violence.

Although the Grain Valley School District is taking some extra precautions, officials do not believe the recent rumors of violence are credible.

Superintendent Chris Small confirmed there have been some rumors floating around Grain Valley this week pointing to “unidentified violence” on the last day of school at Grain Valley High School. The last day of school is today.

However, Small said after interviewing a group of students that were said to be involved, he said he does not believe students or parents should be concerned.

“When the kids were interviewed, they thought it was funny that their names were mentioned because they had never even thought of doing anything like that,” he said. “We are on top of these rumors, but we don’t think there is any truth to them.”

Small said despite the district’s beliefs, there will be additional security at the high school as well as the presence of both Student Resource Officers throughout the day. In addition, all teachers and administrators are aware of the rumors and have been told to keep their eyes out for anything out of the ordinary.

“We have beefed up security just as an added precaution,” he said. “But we do not think anyone has any intention of doing anything at the high school.”