• There is no Chiefs running back controversy

  • Sportswriters sometimes remind me of politicians during election time; they’re always flip-flopping on the issues.

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  • Sportswriters sometimes remind me of politicians during election time; they’re always flip-flopping on the issues.
    Whatever happened to taking a stand and staying true to it?
    Take the Kansas City Chiefs’ running back situation for example.
    Television, radio, print and Internet media figures who cover the team – you could add Joe Schmo the Fan into the equation as well – have screamed for weeks about how Jamaal Charles should get more carries than veteran and first-year Chief Thomas Jones.
    Now, after some early season success running the ball, the bandwagon is picking up on the Chiefs’ time-share at running back.
    I’ve blogged about it on The Ex-Factor blog on www.examiner.net, I’ve tweeted it on Twitter and posted it on Facebook and now I’m reiterating it in print: There is no running back controversy in Kansas City.
    After the Chiefs’ resounding 42-20 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium in which Jones rushed for 125 yards and a touchdown on 20 carries and Charles added 71 yards rushing and a touchdown on 15 carries, an irritated Jones told a throng of media circling his locker room cubicle how he felt about the issue.
    “Honestly, I could care less about who somebody thinks should be starting,” Thomas said. “I’m here to do my job. I get paid to make plays; I’m not getting paid to start, I’m here to make plays. Jamaal’s getting paid to make plays as well.
    “That whole situation was kind of corny to me to be honest. We’re both here trying to make plays to help the team win. For me, (starting) didn’t even cross my mind.”
    Talking heads need to stir things up to attract readers, listeners and viewers so they manufacture story leads like the Jones-Charles debate despite the proven success of running back tandems throughout the NFL sharing the load in recent seasons.
    From day one, I’ve said the Jones-Charles combination is a good thing for the Chiefs and the fact Kansas City leads the entire NFL in rushing yards per game and sit atop the AFC West division at 4-2 supports that view.
    Now others in the media are starting to get on board with the set-up, so instead of providing well-written and well-talked about analysis, they are finding other ways to manufacture controversy by piling on Dwayne Bowe and Matt Cassel.
    Never have I heard so much “player hating” being spewed from the mouths of professional journalists than I have in witnessing the Bowe and Cassel bashing.
    Even after Bowe’s two-touchdown performance Sunday – his second in two weeks – there were “yeah, buts” all over the media spectrum. In the case of Cassel, like a veteran reporter said in the Arrowhead press box, has there ever been a player in Chiefs’ history people have wanted to fail more than Cassel?
    Page 2 of 2 - The Chiefs’ second year quarterback passed for 193 yards and two touchdowns with no interceptions while completing 13 of 18 passes against the Jaguars and still the “yeah, buts” are floating around.
    “I’m just excited,” Cassel said Sunday at the post-game press conference. “Winning is fun. You’ve got to enjoy it when it happens. I said this time and time again; it’s tough to win in the NFL. To be out there with a lead and enjoying ourselves and things are going right, you’ve got to enjoy the moment. It was fun (Sunday).”
    What more do the piranhas in the area sports world want from a guy and a team that has already won as many games as they did all of last season?
    “Last year was challenging for many people throughout this organization and losing is never fun,” Cassel said. “To be able to turn it around and be where we’re at right now, it’s exciting. It’s fun.”
    And what did the much-maligned signal caller have to say about the “corny” catcalls for Charles to get more carries and touches than Jones, the third-leading rusher in the NFL last season?
    “We’re just very lucky to have both of those guys and they complement each other well,” Cassel said. “Those guys continue to work hard. They continue to push each other.
    “It’s great to see the competitiveness between the two of them. Like I said before, we are just lucky to have both of them on our team.”
    So there you have it sports reporters and Chiefs fans clamoring for controversy, get off your pulpit, take a stand and talk about the issues at hand. The Chiefs are in prime position to take control of the AFC West and re-energize a fan base longing for wins and a reason to return to Arrowhead Stadium in droves.
    Everything else at this point is irrelevant.
    My name is Toriano Porter and I approved this message.

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