Do Chief Fans Want Nice... Again?
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March 18, 2013 12:01 a.m.

Niner coaches Mike Nolan and Mike Singletary decided to go in different directions; after two seasons so did Jim Harbaugh with Alex Smith.
Why? How come Smith didn't continue with those three?
Before Smith was officially traded to Kansas City I read something that stayed with me, a quote where Mike Nolan said he picked Smith over Aaron Rodgers in 2005 because Smith was more “congenial".
Friendly, pleasant, good-natured and hospitable… all types of being congenial, that’s Smith.
Having a "chip on his shoulder" was Rodgers; Nolan didn't like that, so he passed on Rodgers.
Since 2005 Rodgers has won a Super Bowl, been an NFL MVP, has multiple Pro Bowls, was FedEx Air NFL Player of the Year in 2010, been the Associated Press Athlete of the Year 2011, set the highest career passer rating in NFL history (104.9) and has the highest career completion percentage in NFL history (65.7%).
In Rodgers nine seasons he has 171 TD's, 21,661 passing yards and a career passer rating of 104.9.
Nolan rejected Rodgers because Nolan perceived an attitude with Rodgers.
If Nolan could re-do his 2005 choice he might pick differently, having that "chip on the shoulder" isn't such a bad thing.
Folks wondered why Harbaugh ditched Smith (Smith was 6-2 prior to his concussion in 2012) and went with Kaepernick even after Smith was healthy. Simple, I think Kaepernick had the attitude Jim Harbaugh likes, fans know Harbaugh has attitude as a coach.
Harbaugh didn't want “nice”, but more swag.
Not saying Smith can't have swagger, but Smith was picked because he was an agreeable player, a very coachable player, that's why Mike Nolan liked him.
That outlook has caused Smith - the nice guy- to finish last. I like nice people, makes life easier, but assertive people get the job done. Being haughtier minded is sometimes necessary.
I want a Rodgers type, a QB who has the guts to tell his coach "I don't think so; I want to call it like this". That QB who's bold enough to put it on his shoulders and go for it, like a Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. Not just simply managing the game, but win the game if need be.
Do Chief fans want a "yes" man, or a QB?
Rodgers is a great QB, makes it happen, but the Green Bay Packers got a steal because others passed on him.
If Mike Nolan had been paying attention he would have picked up on Rodgers past and why he had the thinking he had. Rodgers overcame being told "no you can't" his entire life leading up to the NFL. Rodgers was told he was too short.
Two things, two items I submit as evidence that helps me think Smith can still succeed, overcome what some say about him now.
First, in talking to the media after being introduced Smith said he had a chip on his shoulder about what happened in San Francisco and wanted to prove he can still be a good quarterback.
Just maybe Smith has turned the corner, because now Smith definitely has something to prove, because he’s been traded... he's no longer "that guy" who was taken No.1 overall.
Smith is now "that guy" that people say doesn't have it, so it's up to Smith to prove he does. The right attitude can make it happen.
Second, John Dorsey was part of taking Aaron Rogers in Green Bay. Dorsey wasn't afraid of Rodgers, but picked him to take over after Brett Favre.
My hope is Dorsey sees something in Smith, that he can still be that QB he was drafted to be and that Andy Reid can get Smith to that position.
Jim Harbaugh did, Smith played good football for Harbaugh, but Harbaugh didn't agree with Smith's total package.
Reid's a nice guy, a player coach... so maybe it'll finally be the right combo for Smith.
It's not over for Smith, I have hope. But if there's anything I'd change with Kansas City, it'd be that nice guy persona. Stay pleasant, but Smith... turn up the attitude.
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Good day, Chief fans!

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