To the editor:

If anyone sees a stray dog or cat walking out in the street without a collar, you should call the Animal Control so they can put them in an animal shelter. But if you try to pet the dog or cat and they are nice, you should pick them up. You can put up posters, and say “found dog or cat.”  When my cousin and I were taking our dog on a walk, we had seen about five strays walking out on the street without a collar.

Also, don’t let dogs or cats eat out of the trash can because they can get hurt or get sick. Don’t litter because that can also hurt them or get them sick, and you will have to clean up the mess of the dog or cat.

For many years animal lovers have been concerned about the growing number of stray dogs and cats in Independence and other urban centers. Newspapers have published articles about its many sick, stray dogs around our markets, hospital grounds, and the streets, which a danger to the community as they may harbor the deadly disease known as rabies.

My conclusion is that if you see a stray dog or cat you should pick it up or call the Animal Control. Because some people throw stuff at them, and they sometimes get injured. And they remember that, so they think you are the person who threw whatever the person threw at them. And they will attack you. And you would have to go to the hospital.

Brent A. Tatum is a fourth grader in Maureen Hudson’s class at Blue Hills Elementary School in Independence. The students letters have appeared in The Examiner for several day and will this week as well.