• Stephen Brown: Slow start leaves Chiefs fans restless

  • Fans say whatever they want, especially using social media. Fans aren’t evenhanded, but sports franchises can’t be like that. When representing the team you smile, listen and play nice.

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  • Fans say whatever they want, especially using social media. Fans aren’t evenhanded, but sports franchises can’t be like that. When representing the team you smile, listen and play nice.
    Stick to the facts. Think Sgt. Joe Friday.
    Nasty language and fans telling the Chiefs exactly what they think is part of the job. After the Atlanta Falcons game, one fan had enough.
    “I’m not much of a @kcchiefs fan anymore,” said a fan through Twitter to the Chiefs. “(Chiefs owner) Clark Hunt’s yearly 30m under the cap (crap) is unethical. Greedy (expletive) owners can (expletive) off cc @nfl”
    Have you heard Kenny Rogers’ “Coward of the County?” This time the Chiefs media person didn’t run.
    “Would help if you had your facts straight,” responded the Chiefs media relations person through Twitter. “Your choice to be a fan. cc get a clue”
    Get a clue? Wow, rough stuff. Keeping score, I’d say the fan won, the fan was worse. But I forgot, fans don’t need to watch what they say.
    Clearly this Chiefs person needs to review the social media playbook. The feud went viral so Kansas City quickly issued an apology to Chiefs fans.
    “I apologize to the fans for my response to a tweet sent to me earlier,” said the employee in the Chiefs’ social media department. “No excuse for my actions. I am truly sorry and it won’t happen again.”
    The Chiefs said sorry, but the fan? He’s not remorseful. Nope, he meant every bit.
    “75% of the fans feel the way I do here in KC with how the team has been run.”
    I get it, fans are upset – Atlanta didn’t go well, but there are reasons. Factors like main defensive starters out and playing a very good Atlanta team. Atlanta’s a team some think can make it to the Super Bowl. Not making excuses, but is Kansas City ready for a Super Bowl?
    No, not yet. Kansas City needs to win consistently first. I think it’s the fans and ones like me who’ve pumped this team up. I haven’t heard Scott Pioli mention that his team has arrived.
    It’s obvious the Chiefs have holes. That’s mostly why the fan was upset, the Chiefs have money and they need more players. Yes, still.
    Should unnamed Chiefs person have said what they said? No, customer service is about rolling with the punches. Not fair, but the way it is. Was it an honest reply? Yes, because not everything is as simple as black and white.
    Surprise, Chiefs media relations people are fans too. People are people. Quick to forgive Tamba Hali, but fans skew the Chief employee for firing back.
    Page 2 of 2 - The offense stumbled, but they weren’t terrible, there’s more they can do. The defense is getting back to healthy; I still think they can perform. It was one loss in marathon. No time for Chiefs fans to run for the hills and cuss the Chiefs.
    DERRICK JOHNSON STILL CONFIDENT IN DEFENSE: “No, it hasn’t changed,” Derrick Johnson said of an earlier boast that the defense is confident and could shock people. “You got to have a tough mind in this business. Games happen like that and things turn out like they did on Sunday, but if it happened consistently then something’s wrong with the defense. We have a chance to change that this week. It’s still early, so there’s no panic on our part. We have a sense of urgency this week though.”
    Brandon Flowers and Kendrick Lewis practiced this week. Also back was Tamba Hali and Anthony Toribio. Toribio injured his ankle against the Green Bay Packers in the Chiefs fourth preseason game.
    “When you got all the pieces to your puzzle on the field it definitely helps,” Johnson said. “It’s going to help out on Sunday. As long as we play team defense it’ll work out, but if we don’t play team defense it doesn’t matter who we get back.”
    Kansas City sputtered in the second half against Atlanta and Romeo Crennel mentioned lack of focus. Fans have a hard time with that. Learning curves, development and processes are words fans are tired of hearing.
    “We just got to play a lot better,” Johnson said. “We didn’t play good at all ... I wouldn’t say desperate; there is a sense of urgency to win. You definitely don’t want to go 0-2. We need to get a win. We’ve been through that being behind at the end of the year saying if we would have won one of those games at the begging of the year. We don’t want to go through that. No excuses at all, we got to play better.”
    The Chiefs loaded the toolbox with new tools and others are past the developing part. Time to put up or shut up, or just get out the way!
    That’s the bottom line. The Bills are struggling; it’s a good opportunity to rise up for the Chiefs. It’s about playing, not what stats I throw out. So go play and win Chiefs.
    Good day, Chiefs fans!

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