• Tim Crone: KC fans should cling to hope

  • I sat in the press box Sunday following the Chiefs season opener and reflected about just how difficult it is to be a Kansas City sports fan.

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  • I sat in the press box Sunday following the Chiefs season opener and reflected about just how difficult it is to be a Kansas City sports fan.
    Last spring, Kansas City Royals fans were pumped up about the young team and the All-Star Game to be held in Kansas City for the first time in nearly four decades.
    However, the Opening Day game became disastrous in the very first inning – you could visibly see the deflation in nearly everyone who attended it. It was the same old “here we go again” feeling. Par for the course, the team is now playing much better – too little, too late.
    So once again, we true blue fans are hopeful that the home team can pick up a pitcher or two and that positive things are on the horizon – our annual familiar hope.
    We have finally kicked off the NFL season. Optimism was high in the Chiefs organization during the offseason about star players returning from injuries and great free agent acquisitions. But a dismal preseason and a total collapse of the defense in the first game caused a return of negative vibes from the shell-shocked Chiefs fans.
    The Missouri Tigers fans have been so hyped up about the team playing in the No. 1 football conference in the country. The first matchup with an SEC opponent, Georgia, was a real eye-opener. The hill may very well be long and steep. Statements came from Sheldon Richardson that the SEC is full of teams who play old man football – perhaps old man football is still a very solid way to play the game!
    Being a sports fan in Kansas City is a commitment – through thick or thin. I spent the entire weekend announcing or working at football games. At every stadium I heard a million Monday morning quarterbacks expound on how things should be done.
    I guess that’s the job of a fan. After a defeat you pick up the pieces and place your hopes in the next game. It is painful when you lose, and you are still not usually satisfied when you win.
    I used to try to convince myself and all the players that ever played for me that things are never as bad as you think when you lose and they are never as good as you think when you win. Fans in this area need to always look forward. Sooner or later “our time” will return.
    Hope is eternal!
    n The Chiefs DID miss the boat when they let Brandon Carr go to the Cowboys. The secondary is in desperate need of help.
    n The Royals have an abundance of talented outfielders – unfortunately someone will become trade bait in order to obtain some good starting pitching.
    Page 2 of 2 - n The University of Missouri has not won a football conference championship since the late ’60s, but should they win one in the SEC someday, a national championship will no doubt follow.
    n My quote this week is from former NFL coach Paul Brown: “The only thing that counts is your dedication to the game. You run on your own fuel; it comes from within you.”

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