• Obama is clearly the better choice

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  • To the editor:
    I think our best choice for president this November is Mr. Obama. He has made it possible for us to get health care without being turned down because of pre-existing conditions. Let’s face it. At our ages, many of us have some kind of pre-existing condition.
    The Republicans will do away with what they call “Obamacare.” What then? They’ve tried to repeal “Obamacare” 33 times. That’s a waste of a lot of time and money. The Republicans plan on giving us vouchers for Medicare. How will that work? We will get $300 or $400 yearly? Will that take care of our trips to the doctor, flu and pneumonia shots? Annual exams? What about our medicines? Who will end up in the “proverbial doughnut hole?”
    The Republicans running for office are wealthy. They have money for health care and other necessities. I am like the man in the television ad. I paid into Social Security and Medicare. I earned it, and I want it!
    Women can get equal pay for equal jobs; interest rates on student loans has been lowered and the term (20 years) increased; banks cannot “nickel and dime” us for a lot of fees on our credit cards. Many of our troops have come home, and Osama bin Laden no longer lives.
    The president is trying to work with a “sit on your butt and do nothing” Congress. How many times did we wait for Congress to act? To increase the credit limit, to extend benefits for the unemployed or to make sure our military personnel received pay?
    The U.S. was down more than 8 million jobs when Mr. Obama took office. He constantly reminded us that we would not rebound overnight. He was right. We are finally making some progress in the jobs market!
    Mitt Romney and company is not the answer! We will see more of his arrogance and ignorance as the election nears. If you are undecided, I think the upcoming debates will be very revealing.
    In the event Mr. Obama is not re-elected, Mr. Obama and his family will be just fine. It’s the rest of us I will worry about.
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