• Will DNA study stop endless Joseph Smith polygamy controversy?

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  • To the editor:
    Does DNA evidence really matter? You would think so.
    Let’s say a woman claims that a man is the father of her 5-year-old child. Another woman comes forward and claims the same man fathered her 7-year-old. The man denies it and says he has been faithful to his wife of 10 years.
    Some people come forward and say he is innocent and they know it. Others claim he is guilty and they know it. With all this testimony for and against him, how can he clear his name? DNA, right? If these women are telling the truth, DNA will prove their testimony over his!
    Joseph Smith Jr has been accused of fathering children with his alleged polygamist wives for over 130 years. He denied he was a polygamist, taught against it, and even sued a man in court twice for using his name to promote it. Women claimed to be his wives and that he fathered their children long after he was dead. So, who is telling the truth here? Would DNA evidence matter?
    Ugo Perego, a senior researcher at the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation, has been researching and testing DNA evidence since 2003. So far, every DNA tested descendant has been proven to NOT be related to Joseph Smith. So, why would these women have lied? What was their motivation?
    It is because there were men who were practicing and promoting polygamy and had to justify their behavior. Years after Joseph’s death, Brigham Young and William Clayton together worked to make claim that Joseph Smith is the one who brought forth a revelation that polygamy was of God. Then, with the help of others who were under Young’s leadership and believed him to be a true prophet, and who themselves were already involved heavily in polygamy, they convinced women who had never been married to Joseph to claim they had been and that their children were fathered by him.
    DNA evidence proves that Joseph was not the father of several of the children he has been accused of fathering. It is scientific fact that these men and women lied about Joseph, yet this claim has tainted his name for these many years and caused the LDS church to justify the polygamist behavior of its early church members.
    It has also caused them to disregard the claims of those who remained faithful to the original doctrines and followed Joseph Smith III against polygamist doctrines through the RLDS church now found in the restoration branches.
    Yet, will this evidence matter to those who are convinced otherwise? Not if it means the LDS church was actually founded by Brigham Young and that he and they lied about it all. Yet, that is what the evidence shows.

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