Voters on Tuesday will decide two financial issues for the Central Jackson County Fire Protection District. With an important caveat, both deserve the voters’ support.

The district serves Blue Springs, Grain Valley and Lake Lotawana, areas that are growing significantly. It will need more people and equipment. The district also historically has planned well and spent the taxpayers’ money wisely.

Officials are asking for a shift in the way the district pays for services. It’s putting two questions in front of the voters:

• Question 1 calls for $5 million in bonds to buy fire trucks, an ambulance and equipment. It would not raise taxes.

• Question 2 would impose a half-cent sales tax for operational expenses. It’s a tax increase that comes with a couple of offsets. One is that half of the amount raised each year would be taken off CJC property taxes. The other is that all shoppers, not just local residents, pay sales taxes. Independence, for example, typically claims that 40 percent of its sales tax money comes from non-residents.

Those are reasonable arguments, but as we’ve said in this space before, there comes a time when local officials can’t just keep turning to sales taxes for every new or growing need, no matter how worthy. It seems we’re getting near that point.

These two issues make sense for residents and businesses served by CJC. We should be cautious about the use of the sales taxes, but there’s a good case for Question 2.