To the editor:

Why we need to support our Central Jackson County Fire Protection District. Have you forgotten Sept. 11?

The bond issue and half-cent sales tax is a win-win situation for Blue Springs and Grain Valley. The sales tax will be paid by residents outside our area and give home owners a break in the property tax.

I remember when Blue Springs residents had free ambulance service. Where’s all that money going? Let’s give that back to CJC as they’re the ones who earned the funds. I don’t understand why Mayor Ross and several City Council members are having a hard time supporting this issue. Yet they will jump to support a new development or a developer in financial trouble. The more new developments, the more need for firefighters and police. Maybe we should ask them who do they want at their front door in a time of emergency? A developer or a police officer/firefighter.

As for Ross feeling it’s not a good time to put the sales tax on the ballot, with all due respect, Mr. Ross, when would the right time be? Our fire and police are way overdue for an increase; they need our support. CJC also covers Grain Valley. Take a look at all the new homes that have gone up in the last five years. This growth will only continue.

Blue Springs and Grain Valley have a great number of young families with children. Many of these children have special needs and use the ambulance service several times a year. What about our large number of senior citizens who need a quick response and are unable to drive themselves to the hospital?

Prairie Township, Oak Grove and Independence all passed a sales tax to support their fire service. They saw the need. Why don’t you?