Doris Foley, Cindy Zluticky and Carol Mays – all with the University of Missouri Extension in Jackson County.

Doris Foley
“We were concerned that our budget not be cut. We were not cut as badly as we thought we would be. It was better than we expected because we made them(legislators) aware of all the wonderful programs that we do.”

Cindy Zluticky
Lee’s Summit
“This is a challenging time for everybody. The agencies and the departments as well as the county are trying to put the pieces together. I admire them for getting it done.”

Carol Mays
“Making the county budget come out even is always a problem because you really are not aware of how much you are going to collect in the new year. But I think that they have done a remarkable job and I’m pleased that they remembered all these agencies that work so hard for the citizens.”