• Tim Crone: Chiefs need to get some attitude

  • Every Kansas City Chiefs fan has an opinion about just exactly why the team is not playing at their ability level.

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  • Every Kansas City Chiefs fan has an opinion about just exactly why the team is not playing at their ability level.
    Many blame poor defensive performance while others cite below-average quarterback play. Most fans have soured on the offensive line and believe the skill players are also under-performing.
    However, my main beef is that the team overall plays with no attitude. They appear to just go through the motions with little intensity and absolutely NO fire in the belly!
    I was a big supporter of coach Romeo Crennel as a replacement for Todd Haley, who presented himself to the team and public as an egomaniac. It doesn’t appear that Crennel is able to hit the players’ hot buttons. That isn’t an excuse for the lackluster play.
    At the professional level, the players should have enough pride to play at a high level. The Chiefs of the of the ’60s and early ’70s under Hank Stram and the “Martyball” days of the ’80s and ’90s flat out brought it every Sunday. Now it seems they only bring enough to draw their next paycheck.
    The current Chiefs regime has reduced the best fan base in the NFL to an all-time low. In the past, Chiefs fans would always love the process at Arrowhead Stadium on Sundays – win or lose. Now they begin the exodus during the third quarter and the afternoon buzz is difficult to listen to.
    Lamar Hunt and Carl Peterson promoted the team and gave the fans a team experience to live and die for. The new bottom line approach combined with the New England game plan give local fans a team that they just can’t stomach.
    The entire Kansas City Chiefs experience is losing its identity. Arrowhead was once famous for its loud crowd and electricity. The only requirement for those fans to be loyal and rock is for the team to return to its former level of effort and attitude. A business-only attitude will not cut it. The leaders need to abandon their East Coast mind-set and return the team to its Midwestern roots.
    * If baseball season spanned only August and September, the Royals would be playoff contenders every year.
    * Whether or not you are a fan of coach Bill Snyder, you have to admit he does an amazing job at Kansas State. Snyder has no difficulty putting fire in the belly of HIS young players!
    * My quote this week is from the best NFL Hall of Fame player, Jim Brown: “One thing I learned in football is that you must have respect. It is not so important that people like you, but it is an absolute must that you have their respect.”

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