• City should leave memorials alone

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  • Paul O. Bond
    To the editor:
    According to The Kansas City Star, Independence public works people will soon begin dismantling handmade memorials which appear along Independence streets.
    Handmade memorials are important to the public, as well as sacred to those families whose loved ones are being remembered. If Public Works folks dismantle them, may they be infested with the fleas of a thousand camels!
    I believe these memorials should be left up and respected. They remind us that what we do or not do behind the wheel affects the lives of others. Our driving habits can make our automobiles, which are often useful and wonderful things, into killing machines. Every act we do touches the lives of others.
    Nor do I find such memorials distracting. The antiseptic memorials being suggested by the state, for a limited time, do not do a life which has been taken from us justice. Leave the homemade memorials alone!
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