To the editor:

Time for Thanksgiving

Some, though not all, have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

First, we live in America. Second, we have a religious heritage that has provided the values that make our democracy possible: trust, integrity, dependability, compassion, freedom of choice, freedom of our religious expression, comfortable homes and all that go with them; freedom to move about and travel by auto, motorcycle, bicycle, train, bus, air, a great public education system, jobs with income, ample food, clothing, heat and lights, air conditioning, commitment in marriage, children, care for the ages, a big, beautiful and varied land, a nation at peace within.

You name it and most of us have it, belief in a loving God and His Son, Jesus, who gave us a pattern for the best way of life. In general, the poorest of our nation are wealthy compared to much of the world’s peoples. That is most of my list of life’s treasures to be thankful for, what is your?

The following “I am thankful for” were given to Berneice Clark by area residents:

A loving God;

Two legs that work (at recycling center);

Not snowing yet (at recycling center);

Waking up each day;

A very good daughter and grandkids;

Family and friends and share life in a peaceful new world;

Being here at The Groves, good health and our beautiful country;

The power of reasoning and understanding, intelligence and freedom of choice, the good Lord’s blessings;

Being here, my job, my family and my sister’s successful surgery;

Every day that I get up, having a job, and for every breath I take;

The wonderful place like this to live and my loving friends;

Everything, good and bad;

My Heavenly Father.