• Stephen Brown: Smith will have tools to succeed

  • I have a problem with the word can’t or somebody telling me I will never be this or that.

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  • I have a problem with the word can’t or somebody telling me I will never be this or that.
    It makes me want to prove people wrong, show that person who thinks they are that right that they’re that wrong.
    “The deal for Alex Smith will be an epic failure because it will not lead to a Super Bowl winning team for the Chiefs,” said thepenaltyflagblog.com.
    Already, some have proclaimed Alex Smith an epic failure. Yeah, a big mistake.
    “So much of being able to play quarterback starts mentally, even before you get on the field,” Alex Smith said on kcchiefs.com.
    The mental part for Smith will be dealing with statements like this.
    “He has a long history of crumbling under expectations.”
    I’d be lying if I said the entire fandom believes in Alex Smith, but to call him a disappointment before the season starts and to think he’ll crumble before fans know for sure is premature.
    “I believe in Smith 100 percent,” one Chiefs fan said. “Born leader, going to be great to see that in our huddle.”
    Being convinced either way until fans see first is risky, but I like Smith enough to give him that chance.
    Smith might have been a product of Jim Harbaugh’s system, but so what? Smith was a Harbaugh product that produced. He had a lousy situation before, and then he had good coaching under Harbaugh and did much better.
    That’s a bad thing?
    Isn’t that what good coaching is supposed to do? Isn’t that what fans want Andy Reid to do with the entire team? Make Kansas City better?
    Good teachers help people with the capacity to learn do that much better; obviously Smith showed under Harbaugh that it’s in him to be a good quarterback.
    Alex Smith has demonstrated that he can learn and be productive.
    That’s why Smith was excited to come to Kansas City, because like other players, Smith likes Reid.
    “If you can’t understand the system and grasp it, I don’t care how well you can throw it, how athletic you are, it starts there,” Smith said. “It’s really (important) to get that down, so that you can go out on the field and execute, make plays. I’m going to work my tail off as hard as I can just to really soak up this offense and master it.”
    There’s no reason why Smith can’t be a product of Andy Reid, too. I’d be fine with that; Reid has had his products. Players like Donovan McNabb didn’t fare very well after leaving Reid and Michael Vick had his best season under Reid.
    Page 2 of 2 - Reid can keep Smith on the right track.
    Coaching has its place, but if the student can’t grasp what is being taught, then it doesn’t matter. Smith is a good student and is intent on learning what Reid has for him to do.
    Smith knows he has to earn it from the fans.
    “I see how supportive they are and I can feel how bad they want it, for this team to take those steps to get into the playoffs, win playoff games and then, the goal is the world championship, so it’s a good thing to have,” Smith said.
    If Kansas City had traded for Smith and didn’t have Reid, but somebody else, then it might be another Matt Cassel situation, but it’s a new scene at One Arrowhead Drive.
    What the Chiefs have to go along with Smith is Reid and Reid’s offense. Smith also has Jamaal Charles and Dwayne Bowe. I try to keep that in mind, because it’s just not about one guy.
    Even though the quarterback is very important, he still needs the rest of his team.
    Kansas City has great parts, now it’s time for the whole to come together, to get it done as a team.
    I’m not calling Alex Smith anything until I see it first. I think that’s the way it should go, it would be the fair thing to do.
    Good day, Chiefs fans!

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