About the business: Abd Chimney Sweep, 2520 N.W. Camelot Place, Blue Springs, 220-1015.

About the business: Abd Chimney Sweep, 2520 N.W. Camelot Place, Blue Springs, 220-1015.

About the owner Arthur Denham: They call them “sweeps,” and Denham has been one for nearly 14 years.

Called to the profession, Denham started with a larger company, learning the ropes and acquiring the skills he needed to succeed. Marrying into the family who owned the company, he would later get a divorce and continue on there, searching for his own identity.

“It was a little weird,” Denham said. “But I stayed on, and the people liked me. I enjoyed doing the work.”

In 2004, Denham broke away and started his own company. The decision was brought on by his own personal desire to be on his own and the customers he served while in the service of the company.

“People told me that if I ever left and started my own business, that they would call me,” he said. “That made me feel pretty good.”

And business did take off that first year. Since then he’s made a name for himself in the industry, one that carries with it a certain preconceived notion.

“I found out in the beginning that a lot of sweeps never show up or do a poor job or don’t provide any additional services beyond the basic stuff,” he said.

Nearly seven years later, Denham has taken his personality, his skills and extra services and made a name for himself throughout Eastern Jackson County.

What’s unique about the business: Unlike many chimney sweep companies, Denham offers educational services about how customers can make minor repairs; how chimneys are built; how they can make their chimney more efficient – and even how to make a fire. Many of those services are free, he said.

In addition, Denham encourages customer participation. In most cases, sweeps arrive and perform the service alone. Denham scans and photographs the outside and inside of the chimney and shows them its condition, telling them specifically what needs done and how it will be done.

“I really want them to be part of the process,” he said, adding that he always checks exterior conditions during each visit.

Most of his customers own older homes, but Denham sees chimneys in modern homes, too. They’re a connection to old-style living and tradition, a social importance, and a means to help heat the home.

Rather than acquiring a certification through chimney sweep organizations, Denham is certified through Copperfield, a chimney supply company. That assures customers that he understands all the components of what makes a chimney a chimney.

If you go and special deals: Denham said his busiest time is in the autumn, but he said spring is the ideal time to clean and repair the chimney. Some people request repairs in the winter, but “the mortar doesn’t set correctly” and that causes problems.

Denham offers free estimates and a 10 percent discount to Blue Springs residents.

The business, named after the initials of his name, is open throughout the week and service is provided by appointment. Generally he’s open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., though he sometimes works on Sunday.