It sounds hard to believe, but Mike Brown swears there was no pressure.

It sounds hard to believe, but Mike Brown swears there was no pressure.

Didn’t matter that he was near perfection and bowling the series of his life. He said it was an early blunder that made things easy.

On Nov. 30, the Blue Springs resident bowled an 876 series at Lunar Bowl in Blue Springs. That put Brown in elite company. The Missouri series record is believed to be 879, set by Brian DeMoss in 2009.

Brown’s night started inauspiciously enough, with an opening game of 277. He followed with a 299, but missed his shot at a perfect game on the 12th throw. At that point, a friend in his league started badgering him, joking that Brown caused him to miss his only chance at ever seeing a perfect game in person.

As Brown, 30, later told his mom, Kathy Brown – who bowls in the same Moonlight Cosmos League as her son – that mishap is what simplified things.

“Shooting a 299 the second game makes it so much easier,” he said. “You hit 300 and you get your adrenaline going and you’re more likely to make a mistake.”

At that point, Brown’s focus was only on getting to 800. Anything else, consider it gravy.

He quickly reached that mark. And kept going. And going.

“Eventually I just kept firing away,” he said of his perfect 300 game in the evening’s finale. “It’s surreal. You hear of 820, 830, 840 all the time. But 870 is unheard of.”

The moment was made all the more special by those in attendance. Brown’s wife, Brandi, bowls in the same league, and his 3-month-old son, Beckett, and 6-year-old daughter, Jada, also were by his side.

“It was awesome to have them all there,” he said. “Mom’s crying and happy and everything. It was just great.”

“When you consider that 90 percent of even pro bowlers haven’t even hit a score that high, it’s still hard to believe. I was two shots away from perfection, something that’s only been done five times in the history of bowling.”