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When the Red, White and Blue Turned Red
Glen Enloe

There are those that say we are past our prime,

And even say America is dead –

There are dark clouds that gather in our time –

It seems the red, white and blue has turned red.

It has crept upon us, oh so slowly –

Seems we lose another freedom each day –

But we take it, and all that’s unholy –

Losing beliefs and culture along the way.

Like that big lobster boiled in cold water,

They turn the heat up slowly till we’re done –

They say the constitution is fodder,

And we don’t need all our rights or a gun.

They tell us it’s change we can believe in,

And that we should all be so full of hope –

That we’re all socialists now my good friend,

And if you don’t believe, you’re just a dope.

Some blame America for bad things past –

And say that down the wrong path we’ve been lead –

But we need to stand for the things that last –

Before the red, white and blue has turned red.

They’re giving money out by the train load –

Promise jobs and chickens in every pot –

Just as long as we smile; do what we’re told –

While like fish, down from the head we all rot.

In names of fairness they’re going to stop

True talk on radio and internet –

And to progressive views we all will flock –

Liberal lobotomies without regret.

So hail our ruler and the welfare state –

We have no need of that old bill of rights –

Yes, hail the new USSA – it’s great!

We’re all good Commies now without a fight!

Oh, say can you recall when we were free,

And the red, white and blue was not all red?

Can you remember how things used to be,

Back when before America was dead?   

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