To the editor:

Is it time for Missouri to join the other 24 states and secede for the Union?

It appears that we have a U.S. senator who stated she wouldn’t vote for the stimulus legislation if it had pork in it. Well, it has not one piece of pork – it has 9,000 pieces of pork.

We also have a U.S. senator from New York who stated that Americans doesn’t care if legislation has a little pork in it. But 9,000 is more than a little.

We have a congressman from Arizona who wants illegal aliens to have all the rights as a U.S. citizen, to work here and an American loses another job. Congress failed to have the E-Verify amendment placed in the stimulus legislation. This way an employer can hire an illegal alien.

And then, to add insult to the stimulus legislation, no one in Congress was able to read the legislation. The president stated that if it was passed on Friday then he would sign it on Monday, but was a federal holiday, so he waited until Tuesday and went to Colorado sign it.

So is it time for us Missourians to secede from the union? It appears that some of those in Washington, D.C., don’t listen to us in fly-over country.