• Brown: Chiefs bear resemblance to ’69 team

  • If I predicted the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl would you believe me?

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  • If I predicted the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl would you believe me?
    What if it happened despite playing two quarterbacks during the season? Would you call me crazy? Matt Cassel would play nine games and Brady Quinn/Ricky Stanzi could fill the rest. If you like Stanzi then insert him over Quinn. Doesn’t matter, two quarterbacks will play.
    Still with me? I’m serious.
    I got it figured out. For the season, Cassel would throw nine scores and 13 interceptions. Quinn or Stanzi would have four touchdowns and six interceptions. Don’t worry, I’m saying Kansas City can easily win the Super Bowl 23-7. All I’d need from Cassel is one touchdown to Dwayne Bowe, that’s it. Cassel could even wait until the fourth quarter, honestly it won’t matter.
    I’ll make it easy. Cassel doesn’t even need 200 yards. I’ve already penciled the interception in. It’s all good, KC will be fine.
    I’m switching gears. If I said Kansas City could have a top-five defense this season, does that sound better? That’s believable, right? It’s plausible that Kansas City could have the No.1 rushing attack in the NFL. Am I sounding a bit saner? This includes Cassel’s nine starts, nine touchdowns and 13 interceptions.
    Stats that hardly fit a “franchise quarterback,” but I’m telling you it’ll work. In my scenario, Cassel wins the Super Bowl.
    I had two cups of coffee and a Monster, I’m wide awake.
    Let’s recap. I’m saying the Chiefs win the Super Bowl. Cassel won’t need to be Andrew Luck. Cassel will have more of a supporting cast. Jamaal Charles and Peyton Hillis with a revamped offensive line will do the heavy lifting.
    Hillis will be the ultimate goal-line vulture. The Madden curse is gone.
    The defense needs to be a top-five unit, preferably No. 1. For the season, I’d expect a takeaway/giveaway differential of plus-8. For the Super Bowl win, I’d need Tamba Hali and Brandon Flowers to cement the turnover battle. I’d like at least four turnovers.
    Hey, Ryan Succop! I need no less than three field goals. Charles, Hillis and the defense will handle the rest. And like that, Kansas City can win a Super Bowl!
    What, hard to grasp? Who expects Cassel to be the main catalyst for the Chiefs in 2012? It’s all you hear. The Chiefs are better, BUT.
    Earlier this week on Sports Radio 810 WHB, Scott Pioli took it on the chin over Cassel. Pioli’s 52 are looking good, but No. 53? The radio guy said if that’s the quarterback, the Chiefs can’t win.
    My silly prediction happened. That’s how it played out for Kansas City’s 1969 Super Bowl win.
    Page 2 of 2 - That season Len Dawson was limited to just nine games, Mike Livingston played six. With the passing game, Kansas City was at the back of the AFL in 1969. Then, the AFL was a 10-man league, but that season Dawson struggled.
    In the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win, Dawson finished with one touchdown, one interception and 142 yards passing.
    What handed Kansas City the championship was what secured it during the regular season. The Chiefs dominant run game and stellar defense. The Chiefs came from a 10-man league, but folded the best the NFL had to offer.
    As much as I like Dawson, Kansas City’s Super Bowl victory was credit to the rest of the roster.
    Am I saying Cassel can sit back and make paper footballs? No, he needs to be front and center, especially in today’s NFL. What I’m saying is it’s never about one guy. Chiefs fans apply that logic to Peyton Manning; so the same goes for Cassel in KC.
    Kansas City has a very talented roster. The Chiefs look to have a fantastic run game. The defense is loaded with youngsters and players hitting their stride. I expect second-year player Justin Houston to have a big impact helping Tamba Hali. If rookie Dontari Poe displays the work ethic, I hear the sky’s the limit on defense. The offensive line is young and vastly improved.
    When Dawson went to the Super Bowl and won, Dawson didn’t resemble the quarterback people say you need. History is a good teacher and Scott Pioli isn’t senseless. Cassel with a great team can win. The 1969 Chiefs won the Super Bowl because of team effort.
    It’s still about parts and football’s the ultimate team sport.
    Hey, it’s still about team.
    Good day, Chiefs fans!

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