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March 22, 2013 12:01 a.m.

Words of Wisdom
For the first time in four seasons I broadcast a Mavericks game without interviewing head coach Scott Hillman for the pre game.
He served a one-game suspension on Tuesday in Bloomington for actions in a game last Sunday in Moline against the Quad City Mallards.
Simon Watson filled in for Scott behind the bench and during the pre game interview prior to the Mavericks game against the Blaze.
Most of the coaches I’ve interviewed have been great to work with. I learned this of Scott Hillman in the summer of 2009 before the Mavericks ever played a game.
Hillman showed he knows how important it is for a team to let people know they have plenty to offer. He spoke to several organizations, made numerous appearances and even pitched to eight-year old YMCA coaches pitch baseball players.
He hurled an inning to the Lions, coached by Dave and Mona Lyons and their opponents. As a pitcher at that level is supposed to do he got lit up by each player.
Scott Hillman showed he knows it is important for a team to be well known in it’s community.
Some coaches have presented a challenge……while broadcasting high school football in Lexington the legendary Minutemen coach expressed his displeasure that I predicted scores on my weekly radio show. He said “the kids hear that and they’ll think that is the way the game will turn out.” I admit I shouldn’t have predicted scores but I believe high school students are intelligent enough to know predictions aren’t always accurate.
A coach in Carrollton treated me well but wouldn’t give in depth answers. In response to most questions he said “On any given Friday night in the MRVC any team can beat any other team so we need to be prepared.” A true statement, just not what I was looking for.
When asked what it will take for his team to beat Hardin Central a long-time Polo coach said “we need to score more points than they do.” I was asking for that one.
In addition to working with Scott Hillman, who knows I have a job to do and the organization benefits when fans hear from him, I am blessed to also broadcast William Chrisman High School athletics.
Bears football coach John Crutcher allows me into the weight room every Thursday to discuss the upcoming game. With more than one game a week softball coach Lindsey Ramsey, soccer coach John Straub, volleyball coach Vanessa Jones, AD Dan Ogle, Rebekah Huntley and the athletic staff are also fantastic in finding time out of their busy schedules for interview.
These coaches inspire me to help make the job of others easier.

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