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March 22, 2013 12:01 a.m.

How Did We Survive?
Do you ever wonder “how did we get by without the gadgets and devices we have today?”
Last Tuesday I got a glimpse of the past when my laptop crashed on the way to Bloomington where the Mavericks were hosted by the Blaze.
I agree 100% with the statement “If you love what you do for a living you’ll never work a day in your life.” For me that is even truer than it was in the past.
Thanks to Mavericks VP of Communications Patrick Armstrong and other media relations directors around the CHL I have complete info on both teams every time I put on the headset. In years-gone-by, while broadcasting high school football, I relied on information forms filled out by coaches and players for bios and notes. Sometimes I even kept running statistical totals during the season.
This is even easier now as I can go to the Independence Examiner for game stories and get stats from Dion Clisso and his staff at PrepsKC.
Back to Tuesday…..I am fortunate the laptop decided to take a vacation in Bloomington. If you had your choice of world vacation spots wouldn’t you choose Bloomington, Illinois too. Sorry to all my friends in that wonderful city; you are very nice.
The Blaze have some outstanding off ice officials and they supplied me with scores from other CHL games. That was a big help.
In my pre laptop days out-of-town scores were either delivered by interns or my board ops. While broadcasting Topeka ScareCrows hockey I would go over every CHL and NHL game with my board op. Libbie Miller. She had online access but would often be required to phone press boxes for up-to-date scores. Now it’s easy as logging on to point streak. That is in buildings not named for wireless communication companies.
While broadcasting a Wichita Thunder game in San Antonio an intern brought me CHL scores which included Oklahoma City 1, Topeka 0 first period. The next time she handed me information the scores included Topeka 1, Oklahoma City 0 second period. How could this be? How did the Blazers lose their goal? During the play-by-play call I clapped my hands and waved frantically in an attempt to get the intern to return with an explanation. She was long gone and I had no way of solving this mystery.
I later learned the OKC goal was disallowed because Coach Doug Sauter neglected to put Joe Burton on the lineup sheet and after Smokin’ Joe lit the lamp Topeka Coach Paul Kelly pointed out the discrepancy to the referee. Burton’s goal was disallowed and he was declared unavailable for the game.
The following season while I was “voice” of the ScareCrows Kelly said of Sauter “how could he forget to put the CHL’s all-time leading scorer on the lineup sheet.” Kelly also said the goal should have been allowed but he wasn’t about to point this out to the officials.
Eventually I got to pass this word to listeners.
Digital equipment has made it much easier to record interviews. In the cassette tape days I quickly learned to use a different tape for each interview. Not being able to find the starting point of an interview as a commercial break was winding down created a few seconds of panic. Tapes would occasionally break and make interview time story time. Back then I didn’t have as many tales of the good ole days because those were the good ole days.
I am truly blessed to see sports broadcasting to what it is now and I am excited about what the future holds in store.

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