• Stephen Brown: Winston's release reveals part of Chiefs' plan

  • Several days later, I'm still not disgusted or sickened by Eric Winston's release. OK, maybe a little shocked, but not totally surprised.

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  • Several days later, I'm still not disgusted or sickened by Eric Winston's release. OK, maybe a little shocked, but not totally surprised.
    Winston was ranked a top 10-15 tackle in the NFL last season, so he wasn't terrible. Winston wasn't Barry Richardson either, but he lost the fans.
    When first considering Kansas City, fans blew up Winston's Twitter account. Fans wanted him badly. Kansas City wined and dined Winston with the Chiefs taking him to the very best barbecue spots.
    He was the rage – before he opened his mouth.
    Winston supported Matt Cassel by calling out (the few) Chiefs fans who he heard cheering Cassel as he lay motionless on the Arrowhead Stadium field. After that, game over.
    Fans forgot how much they liked Winston and were eager for Winston to shut it forevermore. Hero to zero. Yep, that fast.
    There were a couple different theories on why Winston was released. One was he was a Scott Pioli man, Kansas City's cleaned house of anything earmarked Pioli. Another was Winston didn't want to move from right tackle to a different position like guard, so the Chiefs said bye.
    But on 610 Sports Radio this past Thursday, Winston said none of those things. He was simply cut.
    One thing for sure, John Dorsey definitely has a "certain" plan and he and Andy Reid are acting quickly to do it.
    Branden Albert isn't happy and didn't hesitate to let fans know via Twitter.
    “WILL have a #cometojesus moment on moving to right side before signing franchise tender."
    Albert tweeted that shortly after the news of Winston being released, but then deleted it. Albert's Twitter account has since been completely deleted.
    Maybe Albert's agent stopped him from tweeting completely, because Albert wasn't holding back.
    Loose lips sink ships. Getting angry over Twitter doesn't aid negotiations.
    Albert is a bunch of sour grapes; the Chiefs might be better off without him. I don’t dislike Albert, but if he's making demands, then maybe Kansas City isn't the place for him. The Chiefs said they'd keep him at left tackle, but I doubt Dorsey or Reid will be pushed in a corner.
    After leaving, Winston sent a Twitter message to Chiefs second-year tackle Donald Stephenson. Some think Stephenson will take over at right tackle, Winston's Twitter message suggested it.
    Free agent Miami Dolphin left tackle Jake Long is a strong option for Kansas City. Rumor is Kansas City is very interested and willing to deal. If the Chiefs were to sign Long and start Stephenson at right tackle, then they are back to looking for a guard, which Kansas City would've been doing with Albert anyhow.
    Page 2 of 2 - Jake Long has been given a clean bill of health by his doctor.
    "I just saw him and he looked great," said Dr. James Andrews, the man who performed the surgery on Long’s torn triceps.
    "I asked him about his knee and he said it’s the best he has felt in years. Like I said, this is the kind of kid you want. I’m not worried about him at all."
    In talking to Pioli last season, he liked Stephenson. Stephenson and rookie guard Jeff Allen were pushed into duty early because of injuries to center Rodney Hudson and Albert.
    Stephenson, a Blue Springs High School graduate, stepped in at left tackle and played well for Albert.
    There's a lot happening, that's for sure. If Albert stays, then Texas A&M Luke Joeckel (who visits Kansas City March 22) and Jake Long won't matter. It's just a little unpredictable right now.
    Dorsey and Reid haven't shied away from their plan; they've let it be known. A big overhaul is on its way. Reid has already told his new players that they have to give a little to get something.
    Whether fans like it or not will depend on the end product.
    Kansas City is also trying to deal their No.1 overall pick as well as maybe trying to trade Matt Cassel. Not sure I'd want Cassel's $7.5 million price tag, but the Chiefs may be able to make it happen.
    The next several weeks will be very interesting for Kansas City, because Dorsey is wheeling and dealing. There's a lot of working parts working.
    Like I said, in the end fans will know which direction this team is headed. Personally, I like what I see, even if that means losing a player like Albert.
    March 12, the start of free agency. Hey 2013, here we Chiefs fans come, let's hope the Chiefs join us!
    Good day, Chiefs fans!

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