• Father pleads guilty in ferret attack

  • One of the parents in a case of child endangerment has pleaded guilty.

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  • One of the parents in a case of child endangerment has pleaded guilty.
    Ryan Waldo, 35, formerly of Grain Valley, pleaded guilty Friday to one count of second degree endangering the welfare of a child. His sentence was suspended provided that he completes two years of probation.
    Waldo and his wife, Carrie Waldo, were charged with child endangerment after their 4-month-old son lost seven fingers in a pet ferret attack in January 2011. Police discovered the boy with only two thumbs and part of a pinkie finger remaining. The Waldos told police detectives that they were at home at the time of the attack, sleeping in a separate room. They were awakened when the boy began screaming. Ryan Waldo said when he discovered what was happening, he killed the ferret by throwing it against a hard surface.
    However, as the investigation continued, it was discovered that neither parent was at home when the ferret attacked the baby. The couple’s five children, all under the age of 10, were left unattended. Detectives determined this to be the case after looking at cell phone records and using GPS mapping to pinpoint the parents’ location. Text messages also show that the couple were exchanging texts from different locations when they were allegedly asleep in their home.
    Ryan Waldo’s probation is subject to four special conditions. He must successfully complete parenting classes, perform 40 hours of community service and have no unlawful contact with children under age 17. Any direct contact with children under 17 must be with the consent on the child’s parents. He can also not have any contact with his five children for the duration of the probation.
    Carrie Waldo is expected to be back in court June 3. In June 2012, it was agreed that Ryan and Carrie Waldo would have separate trials. They each have different attorneys.
    The baby, along with his four siblings, have been staying with relatives, while the Waldos have remained in the Kansas City area. The children are not in the Waldos’ custody at this time.