Friday, to me, represented all that is right with high school sports.

Friday, to me, represented all that is right with high school sports.
After being personally invited, I decided to show up Friday afternoon at William Chrisman High School and watch Chrisman senior setter Mati Salva sign a national letter of intent to play volleyball at Dakota State University.
Salva was never a member of our first-team all-area teams. She was a very good player on a team that had its struggles.
And now, she’s going to test her skills at the next level.
As one who has watched her play the last couple of years, it makes me happy to see her succeed.
What I loved about Friday’s signing ceremony was how family-oriented it was, and how Salva was the focus throughout, as it should be.
These events are for the athletes and their families – a day for these people to be the center of attention. With speeches from coaches, Salva, parents and even a grandparent, this definitely fit the bill, as well as the colorful leis in Dakota State’s colors of bright blue and yellow.
There is always something special about seeing a student-athlete get to move forward and follow their dreams, especially when they are as great of a person as Mati Salva.
I had to joke with her when she came to talk to me after the ceremony because she called me “sir,” something I absolutely hate. But hey, you have to love how respectful she is. I’ve been called a lot worse, I know that.
We’re going to see more of these moments in a couple of weeks when football signing day comes on Feb. 4.
And the thing I’m most interested in is where a lot of the unsung heroes go.
We know Blaine Dalton is going to the University of Missouri. But what about teammate Jake Scarbo? Or Winston Wright?
These successes of these players getting to get college paid for – even a little bit – is great in my eyes, regardless of where they go.
I’m especially curious to see where Fort Osage’s Dalton Krysa is going to play next year.
I talked to Krysa earlier this week and I was shocked by how little attention a guy who rushed for 6,000 yards in his career is getting.
I always thought Krysa could be a fantastic fullback at the Division I-AA level if not higher (I refuse to call it Division I Playoff Subdivision).
Wherever Krysa lands, that team is going to get a proven winner, a guy who will do everything in his power to win.
These are the kids I love covering – kids like Salva, Krysa, Scarbo – athletes who leave everything on the court, win or lose and love playing the game.
Congratulations to all the student-athletes who have signed to play in college, as well as all those who are going to.
It’s an amazing accomplishment and one you and your parents should all be proud of.