• Tim Crone: College sports more about money than academics now

  • The world of college sports is rapidly changing due to one major factor – big money!

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  • The world of college sports is rapidly changing due to one major factor – big money!
    The move of Maryland and Rutgers to the Big Ten changes the whole landscape of big time college sports, football in particular. It looks as if it will eventually evolve into a format of four super conferences.
    The almighty NCAA will one day lose its hold because the big college programs will be able to wag the tail of the dog due to their enormous financial backing. The changing conferences hide behind a guise of “better for athletics” and “better for academics.”
    The truth is it’s “better for the wallet.” The NCAA sports programs represent a huge money machine. College presidents have the look of corporate CEO’s rather than educational leaders. Alumni and financial backers care more about bowls and NCAA appearances than Rhodes Scholars.
    Greed and monetary survival have shifted the focus away from local rivalries and traditions. Rutgers versus Michigan? Missouri versus Ole Miss? Really?! Ten years from now my grandsons may never even realize that Missouri and Kansas were ever rivals. What a shame.
    The new conference alignments will gradually cause the NCAA to lose it’s grip. Change is good – if it is for the right reasons.
    However when change is about money, the result may not truly be beneficial to the educational process. I hope my outlook is incorrect and does not represent where American colleges are headed in the future.
    • There are no words to describe the 2012 Kansas City Chiefs.
    • Once again the schools on the west side of Missouri dominated the high school football championships. Congratulations to Penney-Hamilton, Lamar, Maryville, Webb City and Blue Springs.
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    • My quote this week is from Pat Riley, renowned NBA coach and executive: “In every contest there comes a moment that defines winning from losing. The true warrior understands and seizes that moment by giving an effort so intensive and so intuitive that it could only be called one from the heart.” (You may note that there is no reference to money in this quote!)

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