• Desire for revenge leads to great harm

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  • To the editor:
    Moral law is imbedded in humankind, “the knowledge of right and wrong, the universal longing or search for God.” This plays a prominent roll in all religions.
    Being a Christian, my understanding in regard to my topic is, we are not required to sit still and be stepped on. However, to seek revenge for the express purpose of getting even is wrong.
    Since 9/11, there have been many articles concerning getting even/revenge. The most recent was in The Kansas City Star, not by an agitator such as I, but by a feature writer. Get even/revenge caught my eye. The need was to get revenge.
    I do not agree. I believe we should have, and we did, beef up security. I could also (reluctantly) condone bombing the terrorist training camps in Afghanistan. To go further (I prayed that we would not), invading Afghanistan and Iraq got us revenge all right. It also:
    1. Gained thousands of recruits for the terrorist groups.
    2. Got thousands of our military people killed, many more thousands maimed.
    3. Got hundreds of thousands of innocent Afghan and Iraqi citizens killed and maimed.
    4. Cost this country billions of our resources, busting this country economically.
    Now we have the attack on our embassy. This, followed by the folly of another of our leaders. Seems most every politician in Washington, D.C., is exhibiting a disorder of the mind jumping on the issue. I and people I talk to are tired of this boorish posturing of politicians to each other.
    My considered choice to the approach to any of like issues is to take a deep breath and calmly think through, from start to finish, a final intelligent conclusion. All the screaming and posturing serves no good purpose and, as it did after 9/11, may inflame and create great harm.
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