To the editor:

If one used the same criteria for choosing the next sheriff of Jackson County as used for choosing a surgeon, John Bullard would unanimously be the people’s choice. Why? Because he is the only candidate who has the credentials and meets the qualifications to perform the operation.

Certainly we would want our sheriff, as well as our surgeon, to be committed and consistent in his chosen profession, not leaving for unrelated private business and returning years later thinking he could adequately do the job. John Bullard has continued to serve in law enforcement for 33 years, studying, advancing and increasing his knowledge of protecting and meeting the needs of the citizens of Jackson County.

We would expect our sheriff, as well as our surgeon, to be more than an occasional volunteer or one of reserve standing. John Bullard has proven himself as one able to endure the rigors involved with the duties of a law officer and has the support and backing of the Fraternal Order of Police and many other professional, private and personal organizations. They, too, know how important it is to have a sheriff in whom they can trust their lives and on whom they can depend when the going gets tough.

We must have a sheriff, even as we would want our surgeon, who would be able to think and act quickly and decisively in an emergency. Another reason to vote for John Bullard. He knows and understands the problem questions and leads the way with the answers.

We believe the people of Jackson County deserve the best, and that’s why we whole-heartedly endorse John Bullard. He has been there for us, and he will be there for you.