The forecast is hot for the weekend. But that’s not stopping local bicycle riders.

The forecast is hot for the weekend. But that’s not stopping local bicycle riders.
The Tour de Lakes Bicycle Ride will start at 7 a.m. on Saturday at the Longview Recreation Center at Longview Community College. The ride is being put on by Lee’s Summit Parks and Recreation.
Parks and Recreation Assistant Administrator Joe Snook is hoping for a good turnout this year, however, he’s anticipating 100 or so less riders than last year.
“Last year we had about 700 riders. This year we’re going to have around 500 or 600, but with the heat that we’ve been having and the forecast for Saturday, that seems pretty good,” Snook said, laughing.
The ride is in memory of Tom Logan, a passionate rider and resident of Lee’s Summit.
“He had a vision of a ride around the lakes, and after he passed away, his family and friends made the idea happen,” Snook said. “Lee’s Summit Parks and Rec just took control of it and made it bigger and bigger each year.”
The event features three courses, each satisfying a number of riders, from novice to experienced.
The first course is a 10-mile ride that loops around Longview Lake.
“That’s for the more inexperienced riders and family rides,” Snook said.
The second is a longer, 30-mile ride, encircling Longview Lake and Raintree Lake.
“The second loop is for the riders that want to test their legs,” he said.
The expert course – a 65-mile course that includes Longview Lake, Raintree Lake, Lakewood, Blue Springs Lake, Lake Jacomo and a return to Longview Lake – is for the serious riders.
“It’s really for the riders that want to see what they’re made out of and test themselves,” Snook said.
Snook, an avid rider himself, plans to participate in the expert course. He hopes to finish in around 3 1/2 hours.
“Hopefully I’ll be back by 10:30 or 11 (a.m.),” he said.
Snook said the race will also have three sags, or refreshment areas, and the Lee’s Summit Police Department will help assist riders in the busy intersections, as well as a few riders bringing up the rear “to see if everything is all right.”
The race will end when the last rider crosses the finish. Snook said the event is really not a race, but more of just a ride, helping out those who helped to establish the event.
“It means a lot to be able to help out the Logan family and help grow the event and raise bike awareness and introduce people to bicycling and the joys of bicycling,” he said. “It’s helps to show how much fun biking is and to maybe get them back into biking. Because we’ve all done it before.”