• Confidence in government down


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  • To the editor:
    I read The Examiner’s article on the $20 million bond issue for Blue Springs School District (Tuesday, “More details of 20M bond issue”). Superintendent Paul Kinder was quoted speaking of voter apathy. Apathy is not created by disinterest per se. The disinterest or apathy comes from the electorate feeling powerless in the decisions they are called to vote upon. The electorate today is highly apathetic toward most government entities because we feel powerless in getting anything done. Doesn’t matter if you’re Democrat or Republican – we feel that government is a waste of our time since they’ll do anything they want any how.
    Schools – albeit Blue Springs is one of the best districts around – are still failing in a lot of areas, and those areas where they excel are still viewed as inferior due to the general persuasion in that all schools are failing. Also, we’re under too much financial stress right now. With constant government meddling (on all levels) that just prolongs the horrible economic distress, anyone would be hard pressed to get more money for their projects.
    I’ve had the distinct pleasure of knowing many who work or who have worked within this district, and I would only have a few complaints overall of the many I’ve known. I wish them well in their bond issue, but they need to focus as to where the real problems lie in getting this done, because just beating the drum louder ain’t gonna do it.

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