• Stephen Brown: Chiefs should make move on Albert

  • What to do with Branden Albert? Hey, how about pay him.

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  • What to do with Branden Albert? Hey, how about pay him.
    I don't get it, I really don't. Fans act like they're mad at Albert for standing up, but if I were Albert I'd make a stand too.
    When the Chiefs finally get a player into a top spot, an important position for the team, fans bail. Some Chiefs fans say let Albert go.
    Albert (just 28) is a top left tackle and a very good pass protector; just a few are better than Albert. Kansas City needs a new quarterback, either by the draft or by making moves for a player like Alex Smith. Let's say the Chiefs do draft a rookie QB, isn't protecting that new quarterback important?
    I think so, but fans talk crazy when players don't do everything they'd like them to do.
    Some feel the Chiefs should draft Luke Joeckel from Texas A&M first then move Albert to guard. The deal is Albert wants to play and get paid as a LT. That makes fans mad, Albert demanding his job description. I feel Albert deserves to be paid like a left tackle. Why? Because he is one.
    It's that simple.
    It's like asking a store manager to get paid less and work the register. Sure, if that person deserves a demotion, but Albert didn't suddenly fall off needing downgraded. Albert allowed one sack in 2012.
    Andy Reid knows the value of the offensive line; I'm sure Reid knows the worth of a top tackle like Albert. The price tag will probably be in the $10 million a year range, but there's extra the Chiefs can shear.
    I'd start with Tyson Jackson who stands to make $14.72 million in 2013. Matt Cassel and his $7.5 million can be sliced too.
    There's cost-cutting moves the Chiefs can make.
    "Of course (I want to stay in Kansas City)," Albert told Danny Parkins on 610 Sports Radio. "I've been here five years; I was drafted by the Chiefs. My home is there, been living there, and Chiefs fans for the most part have been kind to me. I want to be a Chief."
    Fans are kind until a player speaks up, just ask Eric Winston.
    After voicing his opinions on 610 Sports Radio, Albert said on Twitter he was just sharing his heart and being honest, but does have a chip on his shoulder.
    I see nothing wrong with Albert stating his case; he doesn't want to play guard. It's a topic that's been hashed out by fans each of his five seasons.
    Let's put that baby to bed, because it's not happening. Albert can be franchised by the Chiefs or Kansas City can draft Joeckel and let Albert sign someplace else.
    Page 2 of 2 - It'd be a waste of five years getting Albert to this position then letting him walk, especially with talk of wanting a rookie QB.
    Even Jamaal Charles wasn't above it after the season. Fans get animated over losing Jared Allen, but it's OK to talk about dealing Charles or Tamba Hali.
    The "back problem" has been used as a reason to switch Albert to guard or let him go, but Albert told 610 Sports Radio it's not an issue. Just something that happened to happen last season, but no biggie.
    "No. Not at all. That's the honest truth man," Albert said about his back. "It's just something that happened to happen to me this year. I've never had back problems before. For the most part I've been healthy in my career. I feel like I'm fine. I'm working out, I feel fine."
    Albert isn't shy, he has a certain attitude about this, but it's about his job. He's earned it. He was a guard when drafted, but became a very good to great LT since. He's produced, so pay him to stay.
    Use the first overall pick on someone else besides a new starting LT.
    "I'm going to just let that play out," Reid said when asked about Cassel playing for the Chiefs in 2013. "We're too early in the process to know that. We'll continue to evaluate it. We're evaluating him just like we do a free agent. That's what you do, and the thing about that is it takes time. I think he realizes that. That's how it works when there's a change."
    Reid shouldn't take that BIG risk. Nah, it wouldn't go well with fans. The first time Cassel threw an interception or made some errant throw, it'd be chaos again.
    A fresh start with somebody NEW would be a good idea for Reid, Clark Hunt and Chiefs fans.
    Cassel's a nice guy, but time for Cassel to go with Scott Pioli and the rest.
    Good day, Chiefs fans!

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