Fifth graders at Timothy Lutheran enjoyed DARE education so much they took the class again as sixth graders.

Fifth grade students work hard to complete Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) and make a commitment to be “Drug-Free.” 

But rarely do students demonstrate this commitment by taking DARE classes two years in a row and then stand up publicly to re-affirm their pledge.

Seven Sixth grade students of Timothy Lutheran stood up one-by-one and pledged to remain drug-free throughout their lives at the recent DARE graduation for the fifth grade students of Plaza Heights and Timothy Lutheran. 

The students had requested the opportunity to take DARE a second time from Blue Springs Police Department DARE Officer Charles Waites (“C.W.” to the students), and the school agreed.

Principal Ed Kuerschner was on hand to congratulate the students and their positive commitment, as were many members of the Blue Springs Police Department including Chief Wayne McCoy.  McCoy stated: “These students are role models.  They know that being drug-free is not a short-term process, but is a life long commitment.  We are very proud of them.”