Officer Tipton devotes her time and talents to protecting the citizens of Blue Springs.

Officer Kate Tipton was named the Blue Springs Police Department’s Employee of the Month for April.  Officer Tipton was chosen Officer of the Month because of her hard work and dedication to provide excellent customer service for the citizens of Blue Springs. 

As her sergeant, I know why Officer Tipton makes a difference for the community:  “Officer Tipton is an excellent addition to our squad.  She always goes the extra distance to assist people needing help of any kind.  In addition, she is always the first to speak up when a volunteer is needed to help her fellow officers in any way she can.  You can always find a smile and helping hand from Officer Tipton.  She shows true concern for the people, officers and community of Blue Springs.  The bottom line:  people are happier when she is around.”

Officer Tipton was hired by the Blue Springs Police Department in March of 2007, coming to the department as a Missouri POST “A” certified police officer.  She completed her academy training at the Western Missouri Police Regional Academy at Blue River Community College in Independence, Missouri.  Officer Tipton graduated from Lawson High School in 2002 and attended Missouri Valley College to earn her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice Administration. 

Officer Tipton stated she has had a life long desire to become a police officer. Her interest was sparked during career day in High School when she met with several police officers from different police departments. In college she had a college professor who was a former Los Angeles Sheriff Deputy. Officer Tipton stated after hearing him speak about his life as a Sheriff Deputy, she knew that is what she wanted to do as a life career.

Officer Tipton comes from a large family of with lots of nieces and nephews of which she is very proud. Officer Tipton loves camping, fishing, and biking. Officer Tipton states she is very interest in helping people in crises, so she attended training to become part of the Crisis Intervention Team. Officer Tipton demonstrates her community orientation through her participation on the Blue Springs Bicycle Patrol, and especially enjoys patrolling our neighborhoods and parks.

Officer Tipton states that her favorite part of being a police officer is meeting new people every day and being able to assist people with their problems. Her future goal is to become a Blue Springs detective with specialty training in domestic violence investigation. There is a need to assist and protect battered women from the mental and physical abuse many women are involved are caught up in and the cycle of violence needs to be broken.

Officer Kate Tipton delivers dedicated service to the people of Blue Springs, and is a deserving Blue Springs Police Department “Employee of the Month.”