• Stephen Brown: Chiefs coaches making big changes

  • I’m continually impressed by the Kansas City Chiefs coaching staff. Not just Andy Reid, but all of the coaches.

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  • I’m continually impressed by the Kansas City Chiefs coaching staff. Not just Andy Reid, but all of the coaches.
    Practices this week were alive. The result? Players are responding.
    Reid and crew have the Chiefs wide awake; players like Dwayne Bowe are having fun. Branden Albert saw his first day back that this isn’t the usual show, Albert needs to catch up.
    Jon Baldwin, a player most have their eye on, is being coached. Coach David Culley at one point in practice yelled, “Give me more, Jon!”
    I didn’t hear that last season from Brian Daboll, or whoever the receivers coach was.
    “Yeah, definitely,” Baldwin said when asked if he needs to take that next step. “Coach Reid and Coach Culley, those guys, they coach us, they’re going to push all of us receivers and push the team as a whole. It’s definitely a chance to show what I can do.”
    At the same time Culley is coaching, Reid might be doing the same, maybe to Bowe or Baldwin on some technique, then Reid would move to the quarterbacks. Offensive coordinator Doug Pederson is in the mix teaching too.
    At one point Reid would stop practice, saying, “All right, so listen” talking to the players about transition and speed.
    I heard Andy Reid yell “Accuracy is everything!” to his quarterbacks. When a guy would stay down too long, Reid yelled, “Get off the ground, let’s go!”
    Three coaches all coaching the same group of guys at the same time. An awesome sight, intense training is happening at One Arrowhead Drive.
    The players aren’t fighting it, they’re welcoming it.
    “With Big Red, he’s demanding perfection,” Bowe said. “If you want to be a championship team, that’s what you got to demand. You have to come out here and minimize the mistakes every day.”
    Well, “Big Red” watches everything, Reid’s into the little things. The military taught me if you can’t do the little things you won’t get the big things.
    So I understand it.
    No complaints from the players, they get Reid too. I saw players eager to learn. They want to play better and they want to win. They like what Andy Reid has to offer, because his offense can be different than anything we’ve seen.
    “Yeah, he’s definitely got the talent,” tight end Anthony Fasanosaid. “I think our offense is going to try to exploit the mismatches. So I see not only Jamaal and the running backs, but all the guys having good opportunities.”
    Offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz agrees.
    “Yeah. Coach and his offense is great,” Schwartz said. “It’s fun, there are a lot of options, it’s fast paced. There are a lot of guys getting the ball, a lot of different options. I think guys like that. Obviously, he’s been very successful, so we know it works. We’re more excited to be in the offense and to execute it.”
    Page 2 of 2 - Players are having fun and they’re excited to execute what Reid wants.
    The last time the Chiefs had discipline, they won the division under Todd Haley in 2010, but Reid brings much more than that.
    Reid brings accountability times 10.
    When a player made a mistake, I noticed a coach might ask the other players what that player didn’t do. Accountability check.
    No time wasted, no room for mistakes and no time for messing around.
    Last season I’d see a player taking the knee often, practices were too slow and players would wait for what to do next. Romeo Crennel did not relate to all phases of the team like Andy Reid does.
    I saw a complete connection by the coaches this week; Culley isn’t just talking to his receivers, but also talking to the quarterbacks.
    Added bonus, something Bowe said about Alex Smith, but Smith helps educate the defense about the offense. Matt Cassel never did that, maybe he didn’t know how, but Smith is acting like the total package.
    Smith’s leading the team.
    There’s a lot I saw standing (not leaning!) at practice watching. It’s hard to write it all down or catch it all.
    Just know that it’s way different!
    Like I said, these players are having fun. They believe in what they’re doing, and have faith in the coaches. I saw players really listening to their coach.
    Bowe said they have better coaching this year. He can’t get any more honest than that, they do, the coaching is much improved.
    Better, that should equal more results; I’m seeing it already on the practice field.
    Good day, Chiefs fans!

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