Adams Dairy Parkway, Jackson Drive approved for funding.

Funds were allocated Monday by Missouri Surface Transportation Program/Bridge Priorities Committee and three Eastern Jackson County projects received funding.

The Jackson Drive project from Holke Road to Missouri 78 in Independence received full financing of $1.44 million, while the asphalt overlay project at Adams Dairy Parkway from Duncan to Moreland School Road in Blue Springs received partial funding of $378,061.

A road project at the U.S. 50 interchange in Lone Jack was allocated $1.5 million in partial financing.

The Missouri Surface Transportation Program/Bridge Priorities Committee recommended 23 Kansas City-area transportation infrastructure projects valued at a combined $27.3 million receive financing through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the first step in the approval process.

The Mid-America Regional Council’s Total Transportation Policy Committee and MARC’s board will meet March 3 to finalize the recommendations.

If MARC’s board approves the recommended projects, MARC will amend its Transportation Improvement Program to include all of the projects and send it to the Kansas Department of Transportation, the Missouri Department of Transportation and the federal highway and transit administrations.

If those agencies approve it, then the cities that receive the money complete agreements with the state transportation departments. Then the states request obligation of the money by the U.S. Department of Transportation for the projects.