With employers cutting staff, budgets and work hours and more and more employees with low office morale, Lisa McHendry of Express Employment Professionals gives 10 pieces of advice for employers and employees on how to work through trying times.

For current employees on the fence, McHendry asks: Have you fallen out of love with your job? Are you wondering why and how you got where you are? Here are five things employees can do to help rekindle the spark and fall in love with their job all over again.

10 Find the passion - Chances are, there was something specific you were passionate about that motivated you to give your best at work and kept you going back day after day. But if you’ve lost that drive, it’s time to refocus and think back to the time you were eager to get up and go to work each day.

9 Dump the negativity - Everyone faces a few hardships in their jobs, but you don’t have to relive them over and over again. Instead, focus on the positive aspects of your career.

8 Make a great impression - Again, it’s hard to be in love with your job if you’re not praised for your work or feel underutilized. If this is how you’re feeling, take this chance to impress your supervisor and co-workers all over again. Start by showing your enthusiasm and eagerness for the job and giving every project or task your all.

7 Heal heartbreak with something new - Whether you’re upset for being passed over for a promotion or frustrated that your company was unable to provide you with a raise, it’s important to let go of job heartbreak. You won’t benefit from sulking around the office, so forget about the past.

6 Write your own love story - If you’re not in your dream job, use your free time to learn new skills, increase your knowledge and better prepare yourself for the job you really want. Make the most out of your current opportunity – don’t let it pass you by.

For employers, McHendry asks, are you thinking about hiring new employees? Especially in light of current economic conditions, job and employment-related topics are hot in the news lately. Understanding the top employment issues can help employers know what they will need to do to compete for qualified workers. Here’s a rundown of issues to watch.

5 The skilled-worker shortage - One recent report by CareerBuilder.com showed that employers are finding it more difficult to fill open positions with qualified workers. Focusing on retaining top workers will help employers avoid this potential crisis.

4 Enhanced recruiting and retention programs - A CareerBuilder.com survey showed 21 percent of employers are likely to rehire retirees who can provide intellectual capital to the workplace. With this, many employers are seeing the need to offer flexible work schedules to appeal to these groups. Hiring freelance or contract workers also provides a good alternative by offering companies the business support they need without the costs associated with hiring full-time employees.

3 An emphasis on benefits and health care - Health care is an important recruiting factor, so employers must be competitive in offering these benefits to keep up with staffing demands and provide the benefits job seekers are looking for. 

2 The importance of education and experience - Despite economic uncertainty, reports say college graduates in a variety of fields will face a better job market than last year. The National Association of Colleges and Employers recently reported that college-graduates will receive a starting salary 4 percent higher on average than previous years.

1 The role of the Web - As the Internet continues to change how people communicate, interact and learn, the role of the Web will continue to increase in the job world as well. Internet recruiting is up and it’s growing exponentially.

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