• Big toy sale: Conservation Department’s annual surplus sale is nearly here

  • Whether you’re looking for deer next fall – or a John Deere this spring – boy, have I got news for you.

    Or more to the point, dates.

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  • Whether you’re looking for deer next fall – or a John Deere this spring – boy, have I got news for you.
    Or more to the point, dates. The Missouri Department of Conservation this week released the dates for the fall deer season, as well as put out the date and list of surplus items going up for auction in Brookfield, Mo., later this month.
    As much as I enjoy the fall deer season, I gotta tell you the stuff for sale really has my attention right now. I mean, to me this looks like the ultimate garage sale for us outdoors types.
    Not that I particularly need a 1994 John Deere 850B bulldozer, but what grown-up who likes to play in the out of doors wouldn’t want something like this? Call me nuts, but if I could pick up one of these big blades for a good price, I’d do it so I could do some serious landscaping in my Lee’s Summit backyard.
    Thing is, I could go broke pronto with the things on this list. I’ve already got a chainsaw, but can you ever have too many Husqvarna model 351s? How ‘bout a Paslode nailer? I probably will never ever need a mig welder, and I’m not even sure what a mig is, but it sounds like something I want in my garage.
    Trouble is, I’d like a lot of this stuff. There are drills, tractors, pick-up trucks, boats, riding mowers, pumps – and something called a Pug, Bad Land 60120. Come on, anything with the words pug, bad and land in combination is gotta be good. Whatever it is, it’s a 2003 model.
    And talk about full disclosure. Since you are buying this stuff from the state, any problems are front and center. Also mileage is certifiable accurate. There are vehicles with as many as 202,000 miles or as little as 73,000. One four-wheel drive is listed as “wrecked” another as having “motor problems.” Sounds a little like my current cars.
    This available stuff is not just for people wanting to buy a 4WD truck, and a trailer, boat and outboard attached, either. Want a Nikon or Canon camera? How ’bout a TV-VCR combo or projector, copier, chair, calculator, chiller or cabinet? Not interested, well, maybe fish hatchery equipment or fire fighting stuff?
    It’s hard to say, what one thing is the most unusual. Maybe the electric typewriter. People still use electric typewriters?
    If you want to see the list check it out on the Conservation Department Web site (www.mdc.missouri.gov). Scroll down until you see “Public Auction” on your left. The auction is May 30 at 10 a.m. at the Conservation Department office in Brookfield.
    Gonna pass on the Deere now, but not the venison in the fall?
    Page 2 of 2 - It all gets going Sept. 15 with the archery season, which runs up to the start of the gun season Nov. 14. As usual, as soon as the firearms season is done on Nov. 24, the bow hunters then will have until Jan. 15 to hunt.
    One of the biggest changes this year will be in the order of the antlerless and muzzleloader season. The antlerless season, this year, will be first. It will be held Nov. 25 through Dec. 6, while the black powder season is Dec. 19 -29.
    Other seasons: Urban (Oct. 9-11), Early Youth (Oct. 31 and Nov. 1) Late Youth Season (Jan. 2-3).
    In the meantime, I know where you can get a good, if only slightly-used snake cage. Yep, it’ll be up for auction.

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