• Stephen Brown: Smith showing right mentality

  • The Kansas City Chiefs haven't extended quarterback Alex Smith’s contract; he's playing under his current deal of two years and $15 million.

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  • The Kansas City Chiefs haven't extended quarterback Alex Smith’s contract; he's playing under his current deal of two years and $15 million.
    That might mean nothing. You could say that the Chiefs are waiting to see. Good things have been said by all sides.
    General managers John Dorsey said that the Chiefs evaluated some 20 QBs and felt Smith was the best choice. Andy Reid has liked Alex since Philadelphia.
    It's not out of the question, though, that Kansas City could still draft a quarterback in the later rounds of the upcoming NFL Draft, most expect it.
    "Despite the presence of Alex Smith and Chase Daniel, Reid is going to draft a passer. Bank on it," NFL.com';s Marc Sessler said. "Oklahoma's Landry Jones, Tennessee's Tyler Bray and Arizona's Matt Scott make up a trio of targets who might be available in the later rounds."
    Matt Scott could make an excellent option.
    Still, Smith hasn't dwelt on what his future might be, he's going to work and build a new start in Kansas City.
    "This is a new experience, nothing worse than a guy dragging his old team into the picture,” Smith said the first day of the Chiefs offseason program. "I'm here to work, to work as a Chief. It's our job to come together and become a team."
    "Respect comes from actions it comes from seeing it, you can't talk about it or just walk in. It comes from putting in the time and putting in the work and guys seeing that. Just takes time."
    After Smith was first introduced as the Chiefs starting quarterback by Dorsey and Reid, he was asked about his contract and if anything long-term was discussed.
    "Yeah, that's not something I do, I have an agent that handles that," Smith said. "I haven't heard anything on that; I still have two years left to play that's on my current deal. ... I'm worried about working and the playbook and getting started. That stuff will work itself out."
    "I'm excited to play no matter what, extension or not, excited to play. Like I said, in a lot of ways I feel like I need to go out and earn that. The last team didn't happen so now I have to go out and earn it on this one, no big deal to me. I'm excited about the opportunity and a lot can happen in those two years."
    Smith is right; one good season is all it'll take for more fans to want him to stay.
    What I like about Smith is his attitude; he has that workman type mentality, a real spirit of earning his place. Back when the Chiefs traded for Trent Green, he had to earn it. Smith will need to do the same.
    Page 2 of 2 - "Yeah, frustrating," Smith said when asked about performing to his highest level with the 49ers only to be replaced and watch the playoffs from the sidelines. "It felt like I was getting better and better and winning games. I felt like I didn't do anything to lose my job by getting the concussion. It was tough, tough to accept. You know, you get through it and move on. It wasn't my decision you know, I could sit there and dwell on it and be mad and pout or move on to get ready for my next opportunity."
    Whether the Chiefs take a young QB in the draft or not, a good portion of me is warming up to Smith. I like him the more I hear him, but even Smith said it, you have to see it first.
    I look forward to that.
    MINI-CAMP: The Chiefs voluntary mini-camp starts April 16 and will run through April 18. The Chiefs next camp will be rookie mini-camp May 9-12.
    The mandatory mini-camp won't be until June 4-6. We'll see what happens with Branden Albert by then.
    Good day, Chiefs fans!

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