• Stephen Brown's Chief Concerns: Chiefs acting on building a better team, not just talking about it

  • In just three days of free agency John Dorsey has made the last four years under Scott Pioli look like a total waste of Clark Hunt’s time and money.

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  • Scott Pioli tried peddling “improvement” to fans that knew better.
    Truth: Kansas City is 9-23 over their last two seasons.
    In just three days of free agency John Dorsey has made the last four years under Pioli look like a total waste of Clark Hunt’s time and money.
    “I think we are better off today than we were yesterday,” Dorsey said Wednesday when Alex Smith was introduced as Kansas City’s new starting quarterback.
    True, fans see a better plan with Dorsey.
    When Dorsey and head coach Andy Reid first took over, many fans hoped that by scrapping Pioli the Chiefs planned to get serious.
    Fans have been cautiously optimistic.
    What Dorsey did by re-signing Dwayne Bowe to a five-year deal, keeping punter Dustin Colquitt making him the highest-paid punter in the NFL and franchise-tagging Branden Albert woke fans up.
    Fans were thrilled that Dorsey acted that fast and kept all three.
    Dorsey told fans step one was to look at who was here, evaluate their best players and to make re-signing those players a priority.
    “He said he understood the challenge ahead and he totally embraced that challenge,” Dorsey said after re-signing Bowe.
    By sitting down with Tyson Jackson and getting him to restructure his deal, shaving off $10 million, it showed Dorsey treats players like men and can inspire a player to do what’s best for the team.
    Dorsey has that personal side with everyone that Pioli didn’t. Colquitt admitted he’d likely not be in Kansas City next season if Pioli was still here. Keeping his best players dramatically upgraded Dorsey in the eyes of fans.
    Step two, free agency.
    Free agency opened at Mach 12 speed. Dorsey pulled a cannonball at the deep end of the pool, which has fans stoked.
    “I’m a lifelong Chiefs fan and I have NEVER seen the front office have an offseason like this,” said a fan on Twitter. “I’m impressed!”
    By Wednesday, day two of free agency, Kansas City had seven new players. Quarterback Alex Smith, cornerback Dunta Robinson, former Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel, tight end Anthony Fasano, wide receiver Donnie Avery and offensive lineman Bryan Mattison.
    Signed late Wednesday was former New York Jet defensive end Mike DeVito one of the best 3-4 run stuffers in the league.
    But wait, there's more!
    Just when fans were hanging their head over the Denver Broncos signing former Patriot wide receiver Wes Welker to a two-year deal, Dorsey threw it back at John Elway by signing the hottest cornerback in free agency, former Dolphin Sean Smith, to a three-year contract worth $18 million on Thursday.
    Obviously Clark Hunt, Dorsey and Reid see Kansas City as more than a rebuild in 2013. They're adding great value to what's already on the roster, so fans are being less careful and believing management wants to win now.
    Page 2 of 2 - “I believe Kansas City easily, and very strategically, won free agency without blowing BIG money on the HOT names,” said a Chiefs fan. “By spreading their coin over specific parts across the roster I think the Chiefs are instant contenders in the AFC West. They will be talked about a lot throughout this year. Sorry Peyton Manning.”
    DeVito already feels the culture has changed from what fans knew.
    “We have four Pro Bowlers on defense, which is a good start. There are hard-nosed guys already here, you don’t have to do an overhaul,” DeVito said Wednesday.
    “We’re hitting the ground running over here; you can see that, the atmosphere the culture is incredible. I’m excited about that. It doesn’t seem like a 2-14 team coming in with a new coach. It seems like a team that’s playoff bound team, seems like a team that is going to come in here and win games. I’ve only been here for 8-9 hours and you can tell right off. It’s amazing and a testament to coach Reid what he’s done, Mr. Dorsey and the Hunt’s.”
    Waiting for Alex Smith to be introduced Wednesday I overheard Len Dawson three chairs to my left say “Instead of talking about getting better these guys are going out and actually getting better.”
    That’s Dawson, I won’t argue.
    Seeing actual proof makes this offseason fun.
    Step three for Dorsey is the NFL Draft, and I’m looking forward to Dorsey’s plan. Minus actual play, everything keeps pointing up for the Chiefs.
    Fans desperately want to escape the dark ages and enter a new renaissance in 2013. And it’s looking like the Chiefs want that too.
    Good day, Chiefs fans!
    Stephen Brown is a regular contributor to the Chiefs fans website chiefconcerns.com. To reach Brown, send email to chiefconcerns@gmail.com

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