• My beachfront reminder that it's time to lose some weight

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  • I smelled summer the other day. It was 70 degrees. Even though a small pile of snow remained on the north side of my house, the birds were singing and the grass was whispering “hello.”
    I thought for a moment I was going to have to unpack the capri’s and summer sandals.
    Oh my, it is time once again, to lose weight.
    Currently, I come from a family of skinny people. Yes, we have all had lightness challenges, here and there, over the years. But overall the family members are on the trim side.
    Therefore, I decided it was time to return to trim.
    I really don’t understand what and how and why. But the weight just migrates here and there and the rest is history.
    Then it hit me and my motivation came. It’s time for our biannual beach trip. No I mean, biennial, which means, every other year.
    I like biennial, which means I have time, between vacations.
    The beach trip had to be early this year because I have one family in “year round education”. (I am not a proponent of “year round”).
    Anyway, with one in dental school, one working with the phone company, two in the investment field, one school teacher, one in the music business, and eleven grandchildren, with one more in the oven, spread across five states, phew . . . coordinating the schedules and the family is an exercise, itself.
    So, about six months ago, I started on this exercise program and eating healthy. I’m praying that I will not die from eating too many fruits or vegetables.
    I began eating cabbage, carrots, spinach, tangerines, and apples, but they were making me sick.
    I don’t know why places like Dairy Queen, can’t offer a chocolate covered cabbage-sicle. I know they would sell.
    Anyway, I’ve also been exercising enough to have flattened a small section of the Appalachians, and the midriff has shrunk a bit. I can tell that I am losing inches, as the pants and skirts are getting looser. But this is so frustrating . . .
    I have to remind myself that I had eight children, over a short span of my life. It’s hard work to lose weight, when a wee one is growing inside. I only wish, when they were born, they could have taken the extra weight with them.
    But they didn’t and I am still trying to shed the pounds. Add age, lack of exercise, and fast unhealthy meals between appointments and voila, the mirror has changed.
    So I sat down, and talked to my mirror, and myself, about meal planning, and meal times. I now have 10 weeks to make it happen. May I leave with a poem?
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    It’s 2013, and time for the beach.
    Boogie boards, beach towels, and buckets galore.
    We’ll soon load the Ford, en route to the shore.
    I’m training and jogging and eating much less.
    And exercising with, is it called a bench press?
    I’m hopeful the pounds will just drop off with ease,
    And I will look good, by the blue ocean breeze.
    If not this year, perhaps two more will do.
    At least I’ll look cute in flip flops and shoes.
    Through good fitness and food, I eat less and flex
    Biennial trips . . . if not this year, perhaps, next.
    Diane Mack is coordinator of Putting Families First, Jackson County’s Family Week Foundation. Email her at jacksoncountyfamilyweek@yahoo.com or visit www.jacksoncountyfamilyweek.org.

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