• Sensible gun legislation needed

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  • To the editor:
    The gun issue has become a very controversial and sensitive subject in the news nowadays. If one listens entirely to the NRA, you walk away with the fervent belief that all Americans are going to have their Second Amendment rights taken away. Of course, this is simply not true, but don’t tell that to the NRA and its supporters.
    After 20 young elementary school kids were massacred with a Bushmaster .223 and after a number of similar events across our country in recent years, it has become absolutely necessary for sensible legislation with some controls on certain kinds of semi-automatic, automatic, and other type military weapons and high-capacity magazines. Most Americans support this action.
    Vice President Biden’s task force recommended some common-sense solutions, and President Obama has presented them to Congress. With regard to the Newtown event and the Biden report, the NRA’s response is, let’s have more guns, especially in our elementary schools, such as armed guards.
    I’m not against guns. I have hunted wildlife and enjoyed the sport, but I didn’t need an assault weapon to do it. Instead, I used a .410 and a 20-gauge shotgun. I didn’t need a weapon of war. Usually one single shot from my trusty shotgun did the trick. I’m sure most decent hunters do the same, and that is fine, as well as it should be.
    What needs to happen now is for our state and federal legislators to come on board and tell the NRA that killing 20 elementary school children is enough and that it has to stop. Enact the sensible recommendations put forth by the Biden task force. This needs to happen soon, and the sooner the better.
    To those legislators who want to use this as a partisan divide, get off it and put country and citizens first instead. This is all about safety, not politics and political payouts.

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