• Let’s remember where debt arose

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  • To the editor:
    I was very disappointed in the assumptions and accusations that Brian Maday made and felt a need to respond (letters, Jan. 4, “Democrats make the deficit worse.”)
    Yes, both parties have a part to play in the debt. However, you would not know it from his letter. The majority of the debt comes from policies in Republican administrations. They borrowed and spent for several decades, from Reagan through Bush. What happened to pay as you go? Where was the outrage then? Clinton was the exception, as we had balanced budgets and were paying down the debt.
    The main reason we are running up a trillion-dollar-a-year deficits is mainly and simply the Bush tax cuts, unfunded wars, the economy going into a deep recession, paying interest on our previous debt.
    Based on Congressional Budget Office charts and figures, Bush spent $5.07 trillion on new expenditures from fiscal years 2002 through 2009. President Obama will have spent only $1.44 trillion new spending through 2017, including $126 billion in spending cuts so far. The Bush tax cuts amounted to $1.812 trillion cut in revenues, compared with Obama’s stimulus tax cuts amounting to around $425 billion. Bush spent $1.469 trillion on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and other defense costs that were not paid for. Bush’s Medicare drug benefits cost $180 billion. Obamacare plan will cost $152 billion and will benefit millions more Americans.
    I am all for a reasonable approach to fixing the budget, including further cuts, but please stop with the hyperbole of blaming Obama and Democrats and out of control spending as the sole reason for the mess we find ourselves in. My hope for Brian and others who think like him will be simply to put aside their bitter partisanship and look at facts and reality to enlighten their opinion.
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