Janice Smith-Snyder

To the editor:
I most certainly do not condone murder of anyone, adults, children, and unborn babies included. Too many unborn babies have been deprived of life because they would be an inconvenience to the mother, no matter how trivial. Some have been killed because they would interfere with the woman’s promiscuous lifestyle.

Dr. Tiller will have to reconcile the murder of approximately 60,000 babies with God. I can’t judge him, but it sickens me that some in our community supported him in his business of committing premeditated murder. Let’s face it, he became rich by providing these gruesome services. Horrible murders occur every day, and our hearts go out to the victims, but the unborn are excluded. Why?

I am not surprised at the reaction of Planned Parenthood, but I must remind them that their skirts are not squeaky clean, especially when they aid and abetted young girls to have abortions without parental consent, and providing transportation across state lines.

Too bad the doctor was murdered, which was a terrible loss to his family, but I did not consider him a hero.