I know I have discussed on many occasions the pressure placed on young athletes.

I know I have discussed on many occasions the pressure placed on young athletes.
The first and foremost goal for every little league team should be to have fun. I observed a little league soccer team the other day (these were very young players).
The kids made an effort to listen to the adults, but there were too many adults yelling out commands – the coach and a multitude of parents. I was confused at age 58; I can’t imagine how a 4- or 5-year-old would feel. I have no doubt that everyone’s heart is in the right place but it would be so much easier for the kids if everyone would just zip it.
If a 5-year-old kicks the ball to the other team, it really isn’t going to affect global peace. Just kick back, laugh and enjoy these special moments with your precious children and grandchildren.
A sense of humor is what will keep athletic competition in perspective. Great teams usually have the ability to have a lot of fun along the way and still be able to refocus and get down to the task at hand when necessary.
A quote from deceased college basketball coach Jim Valvano sums it all up: “When I played sports, my parents (always) said to me, ‘Did you have fun?’ Winning the game was important, but not nearly as important as giving yourself a chance to win – playing as hard as you could and enjoying yourself. The joy of sport. That’s what it is all about.”
• The U.S. Open this year never had any flow. It lacked the drama of a normal major.
• For the third time this year – the Royals can’t  play defense.
• I loved the 10-7 victory of the Missouri high school all-star team in last week’s Greater Kansas City Football Coaches Association Metro Classic.
• My quote of the week is from Hall of Fame football coach Joe Gibbs: “People who enjoy what they are doing invariably do it  well.”