To the editor:

Hear ye with faith, pray for a miracle and vote Nov. 4.

I have never in all my life, in one of the greatest nations in the world, witnessed the left-wing liberals and others working hard to destroy Christian values and family values. God forbid! American was made a great and blessed and it became great for this reason. I pray each voter will think and thank God for the inspiration He gave to our founding fathers for our great nation.

I ask, can we not do all we can to protect and save it? One of our great men said yes, we did give them a near perfect republic. Will you keep it or lose it? We pray that we will, with God, restore and preserve it for all times and generations.

I want to call your attention so of the events relating to Barack Hussein Obama. When he went to Iraq and Pakistan, he acted like he was president. He has an association with a terrorist who has bombed at government and police buildings admitted and stated he wished he could have done more.

I hope the people check the Internet regarding the Socialist Party USA. I cannot believe good American citizens are stupid enough to vote for such a radical. I am a conservative Republican and proud to vote for Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin.

Gov. Palin, let not your heart be troubled. Obama meant that to defame. But it really honors you because when he said his drive-by gang didn’t tell him that PIG stands for pride, integrity and guts! Let’s vote to save America. Vote Sen. McCain and the Republican ticket. God bless America, our president and our troops.