Democrat Mike Sharp has raised $192,950 and spent $115,640 for his bid to become the next Jackson County sheriff.

His opponent, Republican Ernie Griffin, has not raised any money for his campaign and has spent less than $40.

Here are the donations to Sharp during August, September and October:

$10 – John Comstock, Kansas City.

$20 – Eliott Threat, Kansas City.;

$25 – John Mayfield Sr., Independence; F.J. Garner, Kansas City; Jessica Podhola, Independence; Ed Drake, Kansas City; Peter Jouras Jr., Fairway, Kan.; (2 - $25 contributions); Carrol Story, Lee’s Summit; Cindy Sehorn, Odessa; Alfred Stewart, Kansas City.

$50 – Karen Bushner, Lee’s Summit; Ray T. Zakovich and Associates, Independence; Joan Dickey, Kansas City; Gilda Cauley, Kansas City; Linda Meade, Sugar Creek; Vincent Accurso, Kansas City; Charles Burry, Kansas City; Corinne Newman, Kansas City; Gerald Grimaldi, Kansas City.

$100 – Timberlake Care Center, Kansas City; The Cannan Group LTD, Kansas City; Patrick Kevin Quinn, Lee’s Summit; James Malouff, Kansas City; Hila Dutch Newman, Kansas City; Kansas Citians for Circo, Kansas City; William Wolfe, Lenexa, Kan.; Mary Conkling, Lee’s Summit, Dr. Spalitto, Kansas City.

$150 – Overton Group Inc., Kansas City; Gary Whiting, Lake Winnebago.

$200 – Citzens for Mike Talboy, Kansas City; Gicinto, Kansas City; Robert Hatfield, Lee’s Summit; Martin Kerr, Independence; Barnhart Security and Alarm Services, Inc., Grandview; Dan Bunch, Kansas City; Citizens for Kate Meiners, Kansas City.

$250 – Tom Cason, Stillwell, Kan.; Dennis Thompson, Overland Park, Kan.

$300 – Gicinto, Kansas City; L. Russell Matthias, D.C., Blue Springs; Linda Johnson, Kansas City.

$400 – Taxpayers Unlimited, Inc., Kansas City.

$500 – Heavy Construction Assn. Kansas City; Cardwell and Associates, Independence.

$1,000 – Owner Operator Services, Inc., Grain Valley; May Technology and Manufacturing, Inc., Kansas City; Midwest Vechicle Liqudations, Inc., Lake Lotawana; William Worley, Kansas City.

$1,500 – Carpenters’ District Council of Kansas City and Vicinity, Kansas City.