Rosalie Sherpy

Oak Grove

Vote “no” on Oak Grove’s “restructuring” of the half-cent sewer/stormwater sales tax. This tax generates a minimum of $350,000 annually. Our sewer and water rates continue to increase. This tax revenue should be used for repair and maintenance of our sewer and storm water drains, etc. This should stop additional increases in our monthly water and sewer bills.

I understand we previously had a sales tax that was to be used for streets, roads, etc. This revenue was also “restructured” and diverted to parks and/or whatever! If this tax had been used for its intended purpose, there would not be a need for our sewer tax to be “restructured” and diverted to roads.

In November 2006 and April 2007, the voters voted down the “restructuring” of our sewer tax. City Hall said this was because the voters did not understand the ballot language. The voters did understand the ballot language and voted no because they did not want it changed. City Hall seems to think the voters are illiterate. Show them that we are not.

Vote “no” against on Question 3, restructuring our sewer-storm water sales tax.