To the editor:

We want to share our appreciation for the wonderful help the city has given to improve our area with the storm water treatment improvements. It has been a big project for our neighborhood this past spring and summer. It was completed this fall, and our area has really improved.

We appreciate the help from Les Boatright, who gave us information and who to contact about this project. Also, Shar Dilmaghani and Ted Martin were helpful to answer our questions and concerns for this storm treatment project. Dave McGee and the Adkins Construction Co. workers did an excellent job in keeping us informed and worked well in our yards.

They installed 48- to 54-inch pipes, which will carry the water through and will take it to a retaining basin. The fences were replaced professionally, and the yards were cleaned up and resodded, the yards look wonderful!

This project became a reality for us. We all have suffered damage to our homes, basements and yards; now we have improvements and peace of mind. This kind of project takes a lot of planning, money, preparation and work, but you all have pulled it together beautifully.

We appreciate and thank you city officials very much for your endeavors to make this project improve our homes, neighborhoods and to give us great improvements. You have shown us you care and desire to improve areas of Independence.