To the editor:

Christmas 2008, more than 40 years since graduation from Blue Springs High. Christmas always makes me think of those days of church programs, school concerts, parties, caroling and kissing your girl in the snow.

We are not entering our “golden years.” High school was the golden years.

Remember the days when songs were about love, girls and cars? Remember when boys never heard girls curse? Remember the days before career, mortgages and first wives? Remember no drugs except slo-gin and all the Beatles wanted to do was “Hold Your Hand” instead of “Change the World”?

Good decisions and sometimes bad judgment have pushed and pulled me down the paths I have taken. I believe, no matter what the road chosen, I would have ended up in the same place. Many of us have had a hard journey. Those of us with the best of lives would not have imagined in ’67 what lay ahead of us as we became mature, responsible, adult, older.

I do want to thank each person who attended high school with me. Each of you, no matter how large or small our interaction, played your part in shaping my life and making those times “golden.” I appreciate you. I will pray for you, and I will never, ever forget you. I will always remember you young, beautiful, and full of hope for the future, waiting for the world.

Thank you all.