To the editor:

This is in response to the letter Ken Day wrote about the 31st Street light on Noland Road.

To begin with, I wrote the city when the bridge was completed about the lights at 31st and at Osage. The city said it was for the safety of the trains going by. Well, if the train is going by, you will get to wait and see a more-than-100-car train go by and nothing else.

If you are going south from Osage and Partridge and across the bridge the light at 31st turns red, you will have more than a minute to wait. No cars coming out of 31st or the dealer’s lot on the east side of Noland. If you are going north at Osage and want to turn left at the red light, you have more than a 1 1/2 minutes wait, even if no cars are going south.

The city engineers really like to mess up traffic instead of fixing the problem. Before the bridge repairs, the traffic flow was great, but not now and they won’t fix the problem. I sure hope the traffic engineers really study the flow of traffic at 23rd and Noland when they finish that intersection, as they will really have things screwed up there.

The engineers still have to deal with the problem at the Truman High School train crossing when that is completed, and I guess it will be another light to screw up the traffic problem.

I remember a few years back they were going to correct the lights so you could go from U.S. 24 to U.S. 40 without all the stops, but not now. Thank you, Ken, for asking, but you will not get a good answer.